The Station House

The Station House

Co-working & Office Space, Monaghan

Reliable connectivity with a break-out space at its heart, makes The Station House in Monaghan town a popular Hub for remote workers as well as entrepreneurs and companies.

Developed by Paul and Ann Bowe, the inspiration came from their three children and particularly sons Tommy and David who used co-working hubs in Belfast and Dublin.

At the time Paul was looking for a new business idea and as the benefits of the co-working hubs were discussed and endorsed he said, “this was an ideal opportunity to do this in my hometown.”

The Station House was their chosen “iconic” location and extensive refurbishment works have turned the former railway station house into an inviting, eye-catching and Wi-Fi enabled co-working and hot desk space.

It opened during the pandemic but any concern that the demand for remote working facilities could drop off has long since passed.

“We have hundreds of bookings every year and many of our private offices are permanently reserved,” said manager Charlie Cox.

The brightly lit basement area is home to twenty hot desks which have access to Zoom booths and phone booths.

In addition there are ten private offices and two meeting rooms spread out over the three floors.

Throughout is a quiet, professional and productive atmosphere. Most of the clients are professionals working for companies who accommodate remote or hybrid working.  

The tasteful décor has preserved “the sense of authenticity,” explained Paul who is adamant that the most important part of the hub is it’s kitchen or break-out space.

A good coffee machine along with an island that is frequently home to home-made scones or tasty pizza, means there is a strong sense of community and the opportunity to socialise.

“Although I work for one company, I meet so many different people here every day from different areas of the country and also across the world so it feels like whenever you’re talking to them here in the heart of the hub, that you know, you’re working with them and they’re your colleague,” said Melanie Hamill.

Stephen Greer moved back from the US when an opportunity arose for him to work remotely.   He wanted to be closer to family and, “also to enjoy living in a rural context while still being able to maintain the work that we were doing.”

He encourages anyone who is considering using a hub or co-working space, “give it a go. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by who you meet along the way and the community you develop.”

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