Among the business offerings as M:TEK continues to grow

Over four hundred people work across the seven Enterprising Monaghan rural and urban locations and one is biophilic and a leader in providing multiple business supports on a single campus.

It is the Digi:HUB in M:TEK 1 on the edge of Monaghan town centre and Dora MacElwain manages it and C:TEK in Carrickmacross.

Both are centres of growth with plans for expansion at different stages of completion.

Speaking at the  break-out space in the Digi:HUB she said, “We really welcome start-ups and we work with SMEs and entrepreneurs in many ways.”

Dora, whose door is always open, added, “if you have a problem of any sort, you can come to us. We may not have the answer but if we do, we’ll give it to you and if we don’t, we certainly will signpost you in the right direction.”

Among those business supports is the Local Enterprise Office for Monaghan.  It’s team is based in the same building  and it will also  provide information and practical business supports.

The hot desks in the Digi:HUB enable many local workers to reclaim hours lost on long daily commutes to Dublin, Cavan and other major towns in the border region.

“We have 10 desks available in C:TEK in Carrickmacross and here in Monaghan we have 14  available.”

Digital designer Niall Treanor from Opus Web Design is a regular hot desk user and said, “the benefit is work life balance. There is less (time) commuting to work; so my usual commute is roughly 45 minutes to Cavan but living locally here in Monaghan, the hot desk drastically reduces that commute.”

Software developer Eamonn Smyth was introduced to the hot desk option by a friend who, like Eamonn, had been working from home. 

“It’s good to get out of the house.  (But) with the office being in  Dublin, it’s not always possible to just run up the road and jump into the office there.”

“I just started using it, and it was really convenient.  You just come in and plug in.”

Other facilities available to all hub users are privacy booths, a soundproof podcasting area and all are provided in what was  a first for Ireland  – the Digi:HUB is Biophilic.

Dora explained, “it is about bringing the outside into the work environment.  There is a lot of natural light, we have a lot of plants and our Digi:HUB sign is created from moss.  Biophilic environments are proven to increase productivity and creativity. We think it is a really nice place to work and I am glad to say we have been told it on numerous occasions as well.”

There is ample free parking outside, it is a short walk to a greenway and there is a fully equipped canteen and plenty of fellow Digi:HUB users to chat to.

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