Hot desks are part of ever expanding offerings in south Monaghan

The Hub in Carrickmacross is an oasis in a busy and growing environment. Work is nearing completion on  our neighbour building  C:TEK II, and the office space available in both developments has proven a vital resource as investment in the region continues.

“Our hot desks in Carrickmacross have been a game changer for so many people.  They no longer face dark mornings on a bus or car as they join heavily trafficked roads,” says Dora MacElwain of Enterprising Monaghan who provide remote working facilities in C:TEK I as well as at the Digi:HUB in Monaghan town.

Instead that time can be spent on personal time or with family and friends.  Even with a commute from within the region e.g to Dundalk or Cavan, at least an hour a day is needed for the return journey.

The provision of state of the art technology, quiet and productive work space as well as dedicated hot desks with firewalls and secure connections, has given a significant life style option to people who can avail of remote or hybrid work and without the worry of patchy or unreliable home broadband.

“We see more and more hot desks users becoming regular clients and they in turn are becoming part of an organic network of ‘colleagues’ who have remote or hybrid working in common,” she added.

They share the building with a range of local and national business who have availed of fully serviced offices with easy access to both the N2 and the M1.

“Everyone has a monitor, a keyboard and docking station. We have had hot desk users step up to a small own door office or even to much larger offices.   A number of Dublin based companies have also taken office space for their staff so they have a cluster of workers in the same office but without the impact on their work life balance of a commute to Dublin,” she added.

C:TEK I has a vibrant community of workers who like their summer afternoon barbecues on the grass outside the kitchen.  There are alongside a greenway popular with families, walkers and cyclists and with the opening in late 2024 of neighbouring C:TEK II, that community will  be boosted.

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